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Due to price rises of some of the seafood we have made some adjustments to our prices 


Boodle Fights

Minimum 2 persons

Available Tuesday to Sunday (Sunday close at 3 pm) Bookings only please


Boodle 1. Chicken wings, Squid, Prawns, Pilipino sausage, Choice of salad

or stir fry veg, , Crispy Pata, Pandan, Plain and Fried Rice                      £15.50                 

As above with the addition of crabs (if available)                                  £20.50


Extras. Mussels or Beef Tapa                                              Per person       £2.50


Shabu Shabu Philippine Style

 (also known as Thai steamboat or Chinese hot pot) 24 hours notice please


Shabu Shabu 1. Mixed; including beef slices, chicken satay, fish balls,

tiger prawns, and vegetables,                                                                    £17.50


Shabu Shabu 2. Seafood; including tiger prawns, mussels, fish balls,

and vegetables.                                                                                           £16.95


Shabu Shabu 3 Vegetables; including tofu, mushrooms aubergine,

and noodles of your choice. (v)                                                                 £15.95


All available with the following Broth (soup base)

Spicy Chinese; hot pot seasoning and rapeseed oil sauce.

Philippines; Sinigang Sampalok Tamarind soup mix Hot and sour.

Plain Hot Pot soup base.

Vegetable Hot Pot soup base (V).



Crab Claws                                                                                                     £4.50

Crab Sticks                                                                                                      £2.50

Sui Mai                                                                                                             £3.75

Chicken Gyoza                                                                                              £3.75

Prawn Dumplings                                                                                            £5.50

Pork Skewers                                                                                                   £3.75


A selection from our main menu

Bakareta; A delicious blend of beef with a touch of pate mixed with potato, olives, bell pepper and pineapple.                                                              £13.95


Kaldereta; A delicious blend of goat meat with a touch of pate mixed with        potato, olives,bell pepper and pineapple.                                                 £12.95


Tropical Hut chicken sizzler with special homemade sauce.                    £13.75


Tropical Hut roast pork sizzler topped with fried egg.                                 £13.95


Tropical Hut rack of ribs with homemade BBQ sauce.                                £13.95


Chicken Satay Indonesia style sauce and pandan rice or chips.             £13.60


Nasi Goreng Istimewa Special fried rice with egg, satay and chicken.   £13.60


Rendung Sapi Spicy beef cooked in coconut milk with rice.                    £13.85


Rendung Kamping Spicy lamb hock cooked in coconut milk with steamed or fried rice.                                                                                                          £15.85


Malutong na Pato Crispy Duck served on a bed of red cabbage and leeks       with steamed, fried rice or sweet potato fries.                                              £13.75


Pork Adobo (Pork mixed with soya sauce and sugar cane vinegar).       £12.50


Chicken Adobo (Chicken mixed with soya sauce and sugar cane vinegar).                                                                                                                                 £14.75


Lechon Kawali Slow cooked belly pork then deep fried until it is crispy.  £13.40


Tropical Hut Crab Curry fresh crab with steamed or fried rice.                   £13.75


Stir fried tofu with mushroom and pak choi vegetables (V).                       £12.50


Stir fried egg or rice noodles with vegetables (V).                                       £12.50


Vegetable curry with steamed rice (V).                                                        £11.95



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